WAGS 4 WARRIORS - The war may be over for us, but the battle has just begun!
ANYONE can show support, raise funds or host a fundraiser for WAGS 4 WARRIORS. Whether it’s an individual, group, business, school, organization etc…
Fundraising through events
(also known as 3 party fundraisers)
 is a great way to get involved and to support WAGS 4 WARRIORS
 Such as…
-Donations at the door “house parties”
-Dress down days at work or school (pay a fee or make a donation to dress down)
-Garage sales, tag sales, bake sales etc..
-Gift basket raffles
-Bike-a-thons, golf tournaments, wine tastings
Show your support by purchasing and wearing a Wags 4 Warriors T-Shirt or Hoodie!!

There are so many ways to show your support to WAGS 4 WARRIORS .
A monetary donation, no matter how small or how big makes a HUGE difference for both the veterans and service dogs.
We would be happy to you with the following for your fundraising event…
-Brochures, business cards, fact sheets etc...
-A letter in support of your event
-Thank you letters to all major sponsors
-If available and when appropriate a representative and a service dog
We are always taking donations of any of the following…
·Collars, leashes, treats, toys, cages, grooming supplies, dog food
Hang flyers at your local coffee shops, salons, grocery stores (we will be happy to supply the flyers)·WORD OF MOUTH- Tell everyone you know how great the program is and what we are all about!!Also anyone who has a specialty and would like to donate your services would be more than welcome!
Donations can be made securey through paypal
or by mailing a check to the following address:
Wags 4 Warriors
P.O. Box 41191
Brecksville, Ohio 44141
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